The #1 french LACEWIG Maker in Paris will be in NYC in November

Glam Lace Paris is the 1st lace wig company in France created by a professional wig maker : Nana

Nana is a famous french wig expert. She designs wigs for french celebrities, models, women suffering from hairloss, fashionistas…
She travel the world to get the best virgin hair.

Our Priority:  We are focused on hair quality. we are only looking for the best quality in the world : Only pure virgin Hair. We travel the world to get the best hair.

We ve got lace wigs, lace front, Closure, hair wefts in stock , and it’s possible to make a custom order. we offer to everyone free international shipping ( next day or second day delivery).

We’ll be in New York City for few days
(We want to appologize  for our bad english…we ‘re french 🙂

Focused on Quality

We are only selecting good quality hair just because french customers are so demanding.
French ladies want to invest on quality hair, they wear the same wig from 6 month to 2 years.

Our goal is to make wigs that would last for a long time.
Nana is explaining how to order you wig and to get your appointment

“Please excuse my bad english: Im thinking in French, before words come out of my mouth in English :)”

Nana’s  Glam Team
[vc_member name=”Kelly” role=”Nana’s Personnal assistant” img=”2953″ external=””]Helps Nana to be always on time[/vc_member]
[vc_member name=”Zaïna” role=”Wig-stylist Assistant” img=”5030″ external=””]Natural haircare’s specialist[/vc_member]
[vc_member name=”Anne-Sophie” role=”Wig-stylist Assistant” img=”5028″ external=””]Our Carribean colorist[/vc_member]
Want to know more about us :

Nana created the company in 2007 and ever since she’s been selecting premium quality natural virgin hair. She loves travelling accross the world to share her knowledge with others and learn from her peer. For exemple, she was at Kellon Deryck’s Flawless illusion seminary on February 2015 in NYC.
She was tuitionned by Christine Colin, a famous French wig maker reknown for her work on the set of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette or French musicals such as Le Roi Soleil, Mozart to name a few.
Nana knows how to make a wig using French/Swiss lace, handknot hair on the lace. Her knowledge extend to various wig application: using glue, sewing, glueless method, using clips, using tapes…








Nana has been seen on French National TV, on West Indies TV. She made wigs for the French version of “Dancing with the stars” and many French movies.
She has made wigs for a lot of French artist but also for Foxy Brown, Lil Mo, Tifany Monroe, Louboutin Barbie, Jolee Alexander…


New York City special Offer

Nana is giving the opportunity to have the lace wig of their dream only for 400$

Full lace wig (all handknotted) from 12 to 22 inches. With the haircut of your choice. or you can choose between hairstyles designed by Nana and her team.

Indian Virgin or Malaysian virgin, natural hair color
Choose the hair texture you want, the hairstyle you want , we will make it with the best lace and best hair material. ( You can also send us pictures)

How to get the wig

clink the link below so as to order your full lace wig and book your appointment*

If you don’t succeed ordering via the website, you can reach me through whatsapp or viber so that we will place the order together. (+33621681704) or email :

-Appointment  inclued  the wig you’ve ordered ( styled with the haircut and hairstyle you’ve asked) and explanation guide about how to put it properly.

Appointment does not inclued wig application and color.
If you want custom color submit it to us ( between 50 to 100 usd)
If you want wig application ( with glue, without glue, elastic band method,…) submit it to us and you’ll have a special appointment (between 65 to 120 usd)

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